Pf2 can save you money
    You can pay less for your lease space with our market
    knowledge and negotiation leverage on your side.
Pf2 can save you time
    You can focus on running your business while we handle
    the research, analysis, and negotiation details for you.
Pf2 is free to you
    Our service is free to you, the buyer/tenant. Commercial
    transactions are similar to residential real estate transactions.
    The owner pays his broker a commission for each
    lease/purchase. If we represent you, the other broker splits
    the commission with us for helping lease the space. Either
    way, the owner pays the full commission.  So, why not
    have a professional on your side, protecting your interests,
    at no cost to you?
Pf2 is smart business
    Knowledge of current market conditions and the leasing
    process is critical for success. If you represent yourself, you
    are at an overwhelming competitive disadvantage. The
    owner has a broker who knows the market and is paid to
    protect their interests. You can level the playing field by
    allowing Pf2 to be your commercial leasing expert.
Pfeiffer Realty
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What can Pf2 do for you?
Pf2 represents only buyers and tenants:
  • Searching for office or retail space to purchase?
  • Wanting to renew your existing lease for the space
    you're currently in?
  • Need more space than you currently have?
  • Want to expand where you're at?
  • Want space at a different location?
Pf2 specializes in creating the right solution to meet your
commercial real estate needs:
  • Research - Pf2 searches the Austin market to match
    your criteria with available properties.
  • Analyze - Pf2 can review your existing lease or
    analyze new space to ensure your budget needs are
  • Negotiate - Pf2 will handle all details of the
    negotiation with either your existing landlord for
    renewal or for new space.
Pfeiffer Realty Partners is a dba of TSP Properties, LLC, a wholly-owned partnership